What you should know about Polyethylene ...

Polyethylene (plastic) has been used to fabricate various items since the seventies. It is a product that has been successfully tested for 50 years. For example is used to fabricate White Water Kayaks, chosen for its indestructible qualities, Polyethylene has stood up to crashing through rapids and over rocks while White Water Kayaking.

Pro‘s of the Polyethylene Whaly

  • Extremely sturdy and tough hull material. Resistant to crushing, puncturing and scratching.
  • Low maintenance, no painting or polishing
  • Rigid hull, no stringers required
  • Construction method allows for an open boat that can be easily customized
  • UV-Stabilized Polyethylene – reduces fading from sun exposure
  • Resistant to chemicals used in a marine environment
  • Rounded edges – comfortable & reduces injuries (compared to aluminium)
  • Environmental friendly – 100% recyclable material!


  • Not the same accuracy as composite materials, always a bit „uneven“, some tolerance to be accepted
  • Depending on construction - bit heavier than composite or aluminium

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